What is embroidery?
Embroidery is the process of stitching a design directly onto a garment or item. This is usually considered to be a more professional look and will last for the life of the garment.

As with Screen Printing, embroidery has two charges.

  • Digitising / set up charge
  • Per garment embroidery charge

1. Digitisation Process

Digitisation - In order to Embroider a garment the image or design to be used must be digitised.

This is the process of creating a computer file, from your image, that tells our machines where to place stitches in order to create your design.

Digitisation is charged at £25.00 for a standard size logo. This covers a design destined for the left or right breast.

Digitisation for larger designs is £40.

This charge is made only once per design. All digitised designs are maintained on file and can be used on subsequent orders. 

Per Garment Process

The per garment charge is the cost associated with actually embroidering the pattern onto the garment. This is cost per hand stitches and is discounted for higher quantities.


  • Good quality, professional looking finish. Especially for corporate identity.
  • Can be applied to most garments.
  • No extra charge for up to 9 colours.


  • Can be expensive for lower quantity due to the digitisation charge.