Screen Printing

What is Screen Printed Clothing?
This is the more traditional and cost effective way of printing for larger designs and high in quantities.

Screen Printing involves pushing ink through a pre made mesh screen onto the garment, which is then “cured” with a high temperature dryer.

Each different colour in the design needs to be printed separately, and there is a price increase with each colour applied (max 6 colours).

This also means each colour needs its own screen which can make small quantities expensive.

There are two costs when screen printing:

  • Screen charge
  • Per garment print charge

Each screen costs £25.00 plus VAT, remembering that each different colour needs its own screen. This is only paid for once as screens are stored in case of repeat jobs.

The second cost is the charge of putting the print onto the garment.


  • Small and intricate detail achievable
  • Low print costs, especially with larger quantities (100+)
  • Print price is “per print” only and not size dependent


  • Print finish onto darker garments and polo shirts is not as bold and opaque as heatseal

Note: In most cases the design stays the same and only the colour changes. You will NOT need different screens as we simply change the ink colour being used for the print.

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